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18/04/2018 Recommended Replacement on old OMRON panel view NT31 and controller CQM1 series.

  • As informed before, the production of OMRON Programmable Panel View NT31 and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) CQM1 was discontinued in March 2014.

    Up to now, HITEC has supplied these old series from the stock or secondhand products when needed. Unfortunately however, the old series run out of stock and the secondhand products already had not been able to be secured.

    Under the circumstances, HITEC recommends replacing the discontinued products with current series.

    The details are as follows;

    Related Machines
    Machine models Serial number of machine
    No. 784 and Younger
    HITEC M-10
    HITEC M-10X
    No. 758 and Younger
    HITEC M-20
    HITEC M-20X
    No. 785 and Younger
    HITEC M-3
    HITEC M-3L
    HITEC M-3X
    No. 777 and Younger
    Discontinued products
    Description Discontinued productsRecommended replacementPRICE
    Panel View NT31 NS5 ASK
  • Please feel free to contact HITEC, If you have any concerns and questions on this matter.

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