• The new and improved Linkwel G2 offers advancements in operations, maintenance, sanitation, durability, cycle time and over all versatility to the user.
    Production of up to 1,000 links of constant size and weight natural casing sausages per minute.Capabilities include fully automatic high-speed operation for artificial casing.
  • With advance design of the Linkwel G2 the casing length has been extended by 10% allowing more output capacity per casing.
  • Stationary chute Water Device
  • Stationary chute
  • A revolutionary breakthrough over the conventional looper horn which moves to hang product over hooks. Our system allows precise hanging by simply allowing the product to "side" to the conveyor hooks without the need for more wear parts as on a looper system.
  • Water Device
  • With installing an optional water device, the process of tying the casings in the front and the tail has been eliminated. This device helps to increase both productivity and casing utilization. *Patent applied for "Water Device"
  • More durable metering pump Maintenance free no oil twisting system
  • More durable metering pump
  • The metering pump offers increased durability compared to conventional ones. Our design offers excellent long term weight control with less necessary overhauls. A magnetic clutch starts and stops the pump precisely without slippage offering exact front ends and tails.
  • Maintenance free no oil twisting system
  • Never have to concern about leaks. Direct drive from motor with timing belt brings fewer components and extended parts life. When necessary, replacing parts is done quickly and easily without the need to remove the entire twister assembly.

    Production Rate Collagen Casing Max. 2,000 pcs/per min
    Cellulose Casing Max. 3,000 pcs/per min
    Natural Casing max. 800 pcs/per min

    ※Dependent on casing quality, product size, weight and/or factory conditions.

    Product Size Collagen Casing 3 pitches (28.6 mm , 1 1/8 in) through 32 pitches (304.8 mm, 12 in) or more.
    Cellulose Casing 3 pitches (28.6 mm , 1 1/8 in) through 32 pitches (304.8 mm, 12 in) or more.
    Natural Casing 3 pitches (28.6 mm , 1 1/8 in) through 20 pitches (190.5 mm, 7 1/2 in) or more.

    ※Longer sizes can be applied with HITEC'S optional unit.

    Casing Size LINKWEL-G2
    Diameter Sheep Casing 14 mm       ~      25 mm
    Hog Casing 26 mm       ~      36 mm
    Collagen Casing 13 mm       ~      36 mm
    Cellulose Casing 13 mm       ~      40 mm
    Sherred Length Sheep Casing 180 mm (7 1/8 in)
    Hog Casing 180 mm (7 1/8 in)
    Collagen Casing 320 mm (12 5/8 in)
    Cellulose Casing 355 mm (14 in)


    Total Machine Size LINKWEL-G2 + 8F conveyor
    Height 1837 mm
    Tube Height 1270 mm
    Length MAX 5299 mm
    Width 715 mm
    Weight 690 kg
    Net(Machine dimension and weight) LINKWEL-G2 8F conveyor
    Height 1837 mm 1772 mm
    Length MAX 2219 mm 3085 mm
    Width 620 mm 715 mm
    Weight 500 kg 190 kg


    Electrical Requirements Three-Phase 6,775W
    Pneumatical Requirements Pressure 520 kPa (5.2 bar)        75 psi
    Consumption 1 L, (1,000 cm3) per min     60 in3 per min
    Water Requirements Quality Clean and drinkable water
    Pressure 280-410 kPa (2.8-4.1 bar)     40-60 psi
    Consumption 1 L, (1,000 cm3) per min     60 in3 per min
    Emulsion Requirements Pressure 500 kPa (5 bar)        72 psi
    Consumption Max. 3,200kg/hr     Max. 7,000 lb/hr
  • ※ Specifications and equipment are subject to change without any obligation on the part of manufacturer.
    ※ The above production rate is subject to change due to the conditions such as production item, factory and other conditions.
  • ■ LAYOUT

    leayout of LINKWEL-G2
  • ※ Optional sanitary design hanging conveyor in 8ft or 10ft length available. Sanitary servo conveyor made of round tubing for optimum sanitation. All components are removable without tool usage. No debris or dirt collection surfaces makes sanitation quick and thorough.
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