M-10 M-20


  • The most advanced, high speed automatic linking machine, "HITEC M-10 " with improved all its user friendly, durable, high speed, wide use and maintenance free features.
    With more stability in collagen stuffing on the conventional "AUTO WIENKER 10" , it is a machine adopting further improved features of high speed, more durability, and easy operation. A machine adopting the most advanced technology to help you completely control your process. All vital information can be stored electronically to provide you with a library of all your products. Aiso important history of the machines past performance records. Complete dominate on the HITEC M-10. Changeovers are done with the touch of a button without the necessity of sprockets or a looper horn, all within 5 minutes.
  • monitor metering pump
  • All your necessary information displayed at a moment notice,quick and easy.
  • More durable metering pump
  • The metering pump offers increased durability compared to conventional ones. Our design offers excellent long term weight control with less necessary overhauls. A magnetic starts and stops the pump precisely without slippage offering exact front ends tails.
  • Maintenance free no oil twisting system Separation of pneumatic parts and electrical parts
  • Maintenance free no oil twisting system
  • Never have to concern about leaks. Direct drive from motor with timing beit brings fewer components and extended parts life. When necessary,replacing parts is done quickly and easily without the need to remove the entire twister assembly.
  • Separation of pneumatic parts and electrical parts
  • Complete separation of pneumatic parts and electrical parts allows easy and safe repair/adjustment.

    Production Rate Artifical Casing Max. 3,200 kg/hg (7,000 lb/hr)

    ※Dependent on casing quality, product size, weight and/or factory conditions.

    Product Size Artifical Casing 3 pitches (28.6 mm , 1 1/8 in) through 32 pitches (304.8 mm , 12 in )or more

    ※Longer sizes can be applied with HITEC'S optional unit.

    Casing Size HITEC M-10             HITEC M-20
    Diameter Collagen Casing 13 mm ~ 32 mm
    Cellulose Casing 14.5 mm ~ 34 mm
    Shirred Length Collagen Casing 280 mm             300 mm
    Cellulose Casing 325 mm             440 mm


    Total Machine Size HITEC M-10
    + 8F conveyor
    HITEC M-20
    + 8F conveyor
    HITEC M-10
    + 10F conveyor
    HITEC M-20
    + 10F conveyor
    Height 1846 mm 1846 mm 1846 mm 1846 mm
    Tube height 1270 mm 1270 mm 1270 mm 1270 mm
    Length MAX 5045 mm 5424 mm 5665 mm 6044 mm
    Width 795 mm 795 mm 735 mm 735 mm
    Weight 690 kg 730 kg 710 kg 750 kg


    Electrical Requirements Three-Phase 6,775 W
    Pneumatical Requirements Quality clean and dry
    Pressure 520 kPa (5.2 bar)        75 psi
    Consumption 1 L, (1,000 cm3) per min     60 in3 per min
    Water Requirements Quality Clean and drinkable water
    Pressure 280-410 kPa (2.8-4.1 bar)     40-60 psi
    Consumption 1 L, (1,000 cm3) per min     60 in3 per min
    Emulsion Requirements Pressure 500 kPa (5 bar)        75 psi
    Consumption Max 3,200kg/hr        Max 7,000 lb/hr
    Piping Largest diameter and shortest length
  • ※ Specifications and equipment are subject to change without any obligation on the part of manufacturer.
    ※ The above production rate is subject to change due to the conditions such as production item, factory and other conditions.
  • ■ LAYOUT

    Layout of HITEC M-10,HITEC M-20
  • ※ Layout dimension includes dimension of optional equipment.
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