EQ-6V / EQ-12V

  • The constant pressure device enables the stable supply of materials to the stuffing machine by keeping constant the pressure to the materials in the pipe fed from the pump to the stuffing machine side by air pressure. When the materials being fed from the pump, the surplus materials unnecessary to be stuffed shall be sent into the constant pressure cylinder. And when the constant pressure cylinder is full, the supply from the pump shall be stopped and then the materials in the cylinder shall be discharged into the pipe by constant pressure. Accordingly, it is unnecessary to synchronize the stuffing speed with the pump speed by every product. Also, the pressure shortagegenerated when the pump motor starts and the effect of pressure fluctuation in the pipe due to the changes of the speeds of the pump motor and stuffing machine can be minimized so that it is possible to supply stably the materials to plural stuffing machines.
  • cylinder machine

    The materials only get in or out of the thick cylinder so that the materials will not be damaged almost at all and the increase of the temperature of the materials will be prevented.
    The piston inside the cylinder is easily detachable, so, all of the part where the materials pass can be washed. Further, since the drain outlet is equipped, it is quite sanitary.

    Only setting of the air pressure for operation is needed so that the complicated operation is not required.
    Range of Pressure Fluctuation; Within ±0.02Mpa. Since the pulsation of the pump can be absorbed with it, the pressure in the pipe will be stable. So, the variations of the weight of each sausage can be controlled.


    EQ-6V EQ-12V
    Height 56 - 61" / 1420~1560 mm 61" / 1560 mm
    Height of pipe connection 44 - 50" / 1130~1270 mm 50 " / 1270 mm
    Depth 22 3/4" / 580 mm 24 13/16" / 630 mm
    Width 18 1/4" / 464 mm 20 1/4" / 514 mm
    Weight 440 lbs / 200 kg 551 lbs / 250 kg
    Cylinder capacity 1.5 gal / 6 liter 2.9 gal / 12 liter
    Range of pressure adjustment 0~87 psi / 0~0.6 Mpa
    Cylinder diameter 6 1/4" / 160 mm 7 3/4" / 200 mm
    Stroke 11 3/4" / 300 mm 14 15/16" / 380 mm
    Connection pipe size 3" / 3S (Diameter 76.3 mm)
    Compressed Air 94.25 psi / 0.65 Mpa
    Controllable flow rate at constant pressure 0 to 537 gal per min /
    0~2,200 liter per min
    0 to 805 gal per min /
    0~3,300 liter per min
    Accuracy of constant pressure within ±0.02 Mpa
    Consumption air volume
    118 gal per min /
    485 liter per min
    175 gal per min /
    720 liter per min
    Power requirements 11 W
  • ※ Specifications and equipment are subject to change without any obligation of the part of the manufacturer.
    ※ Connection pipes are optional.

    layout of equalizer
  • Since there are horizontal type, cylinder 12 litter type and so on, please feel free to inquire.
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