• Introducing the next level of performance, the HITEC SAUSAGE CUTTER.
    Developed with a mechanical simplicity and dependability surpassing all other machines, the SAUSAGE CUTTER sets new standards in productivity.
    This machine adopts the most advanced technology to allow complete control of your process.

  • Small sized and light weight.
    Reliable and precise cutting rates.
    Cuts straight or curved cooked sausages in natural, collagen and cellulose casings.
    Easy setting of the cutting position.
    Integrated counting system to cut each individual sausage or cutting of sausage groups.
    Fully adjustable in-feed and discharge belts for reliable guidance of sausage.
    All stainless steel construction. Type 304, 2B finish. Entire system designed for lasting equipment longevity and highest food safety in mind.

    Conveyor Speed 42 meters / 137 ft. per minute
    Cutting Capacity 600 pieces / min @ 70 mm / 2 3/4"link length
    Casing Size 15 mm - 35 mm
    Power Requirements Single phase 200 V 150 W
    Pneumatic Requirements 0.5 MPa
    Height 18 1/4 in / 464 mm
    Width 19 5/16 in / 490 mm
    Length 17 5/16 in / 440 mm
    Weight Approx. 40 kg / 89 lbs.
  • ※ Specifications and equipment are subject to change without any obligation on the part of manufacturer.
    ※ The above production rate is subject to change due to the conditions such as production item, factory and other conditions.
  • ■ LAYOUT

    layout of sausage-cutter
  • ※ Layout dimension includes dimension of optional equipment.
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