• High speed linking system for natural and collagen casings.
    The Machwel offers advanced performance capabilities in a compact format.
    Equal Length - Equal Weight - Equal Diameter Combined with superior particle definition.
  • Link Separater Automatic casing follower and rear end detector
  • Link Separater
  • An optional cutting head is available to cut fresh sausages as they are being linked. The cutting is precise, and occurs in the center of the twist. High volume of natural sheep, hog and/or collagen casings can be handled in a snap
  • Automatic casing follower and rear end detector
  • This system reduces the number of operators when stuffing natural casing sausages. During the linking process, the casing is being advanced forward through the follower mechanism. Once the casing comes to the end, the linker stops, follower retracts and allows the reloading of the next casing. This all happens automatically without human intervention.
  • monitor Machwel the flexible production solution
  • Operator friendly monitor
  • Everything is stored and pre-determined. Linker- and pump speed, casing control, twist etc... the same every time.
    If any type of problems occur during operation, its location will be displayed immediately. Also, it can quickly be resolved with a flow chart for the machine.
  • Machwel the flexible production solution
  • Machwel with hanging conveyor and removable casing hopper for artificial casing production. Machwel with removable casing hopper and link cutting chain for fresh sausage links in collagen casing.

    Production Rate Artificial Casing Max. 3,200 kg/hr (7,000 lb/hr)
    Natural Casing Max. 800 pcs./min

    ※Dependent on casing quality, product size, weight and/or factory conditions.

    Product Size Artificial Casing 3 pitches (28.6 mm, 1 1/8 in) through 32 pitches (304.8 mm, 12 in) or more.
    Natural Casing 3 pitches (28.6 mm, 1 1/8 in ) through 20 pitches (190.5 mm, 7 1/2 in) or more

    ※Longer sizes can be applied with HITEC'S optional unit.

    Casing Size MACHWEL-MARKⅢ
    Diameter Sheep Casing 14 mm       ~      25 mm
    Hog Casing 26 mm       ~      36 mm
    Artificial Casing 13 mm       ~      32 mm
    Shirred Length Artificial Casing 280 mm, 11 1/32 in        300 mm, 11 13/16 in

    ■ Machine Size

    Total Machine size MACHWEL - MARKⅢ Hopper for Artificial Casing 8 F conveyor
    Height 1851 mm 1727 mm 1320 mm
    Tube height 1270 mm 1270 mm 1270 mm
    Length MAX 1195 mm 904 mm 2999 mm
    Width 817 mm 870 mm 795 mm
    Weight 400 kg 50 kg 190 kg


    Electrical Requirements Three-Phase 6,775 W
    Pneumatical Requirements Quality clean and dry
    Pressure 520 kPa (5.2 bar)        75 psi
    Consumption 1 L, (1,000 cm3) per min     60 in3 per min
    Water Requirements Quality clean and drinkable water
    Pressure 280-410 kPa (2.8-4.1 bar)     40-60 psi
    Consumption 1 L, (1,000 cm3) per min     60 in3 per min
    Emulsion Requirements Pressure 500 kPa (5 bar)        75 psi
    Consumption Max. 3,200 kg/hr        Max. 7,000 lb/hr
    Piping Largest diameter and shortest length
  • ※ Specifications and equipment are subject to change without any obligation on the part of manufacturer.
    ※ The above production rate is subject to change due to the conditions such as production item, factory and other conditions.
  • ■ LAYOUT

    layout of MACHWEL MARKⅢ
  • ※ Layout dimension includes dimension of optional equipment.
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