• For small lot production,
    New vacuum stuffer launched !

    Vane Pump Foldable Hopper with Screw Feeder
  • Vane Pump
  • Due to the new type vane pump, it is accomplished to convey products without damaging such as crushing and breaking into pieces.
  • Foldable Hopper
  • Hopper is foldable, it is easy and simple to wash.
  • Sausage Twisting Device Safety Cover
  • Sausage Twisting Device
  • By installing a simple detachable twisting device, it is possible to stuff equal weight sausage one by one.
  • Safety Cover
  • Cover the hopper for safety operation as an option.

    Filling Capacity up to 1,000 kg/h
    Filling Pressure 30 bar
    Portioning Speed  25 g up to 100 portions/min
    Portioning Speed  50 g up to 50 portions/min
    Portioning Speed  100 g up to 25 portions/min
    Portioning Range 4.0~9,999.9 g
    Hopper Capacity 15 L
    Height 1,427 mm (56 3/16 in)
    Depth 692 mm (27 1/4 in)
    Length 983 mm (38 45/64 in)
    Weight Approx.250 kg
    Power Requirements Three-phase 200V 2.5 kW
  • ※ Specifications and equipment are subject to change without any obligation on the part of manufacturer.
    ※ The above production rate is subject to change due to the conditions such as production item, factory and other conditions.
  • ■ LAYOUT

    Layout of STUFFWEL30
  • ※ Layout dimension includes dimension of optional equipment.
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